Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website. My intention is to have somewhere for you to get stuff directly from me, be it T-shirts, downloads, opinions, musings, vinyl, info on gigs and events …or whatever I happen to come up with that I may want to make available to whoever is interested (presumably everybody).

Firstly let me thank my host Ronan Charles for designing this doozy of a place. He did very splendidly with some very loose ideas I had that were translated to him by my manager, Andrew Fuller. I should also thank Andrew for his efforts in making the finance for this site available. YOU should thank both of these guys for the persistant kicking they’ve delivered to my arse ensuring that I provide the all important content for all of this.

And while I’m on the all important subject of content, let me assure you all that I haven’t been resting on my laurels….well I have for a while – having day jobs for the last decade, and trying to keep performing as well, wore me out a bit and I needed somewhere to rest, and where better that my laurels. The retrospective shows I’ve had at the Sando and Old Bar over the last couple of years, the Scientists Reunions, the upcoming Beasts of Bourbon Revival have all enabled me to ‘quit my day job’ which has in turn enabled, in fact created the need for, me to produce more work. One thing I’ve concluded from having a wantonly diversified musical career that is there are cycles. Every few years I start getting more offers for the Scientists to play. They never go away but when they start to wane the Beasts start to rear their ugly heads in peoples heads. Then the Surrealists start to appear in peoples dreams. Right now there seems to be a revival of interest in Antenna, the electronic thing I had going with fellow ‘sandgroper’ Dave Faulkner about 15 years ago. We’re talking different scales of interest I hasten to add, but to me they’re all equally important. For example I did a limited run of cassettes , entitled Wall/Paper on Thurston Moore’s label -some solo instrumental electronic improvisations that I had lying around all dressed up with nowhere to go. They’re as much part of who I am as as anything I did in the Beasts.

Right now I’ve got three projects that I’m trying to get completed. There’s an album with me and Spencer P Jones which I think might both confound and confirm expectations in both camps of followers (yes I’m aware there is a cross over).

Ron Peno and I have just completed writing 11 songs for a new Darling Downs album -We’re hoping to get a 12th song in the next few weeks before we go into Soundpark Studio later this month to record it.

I’m finally about to track vocals for the recording I did with Scientists drummer Leanne Cowie around April this year.

These are all things that have arisen out of opportunities that have come my way. I have it in the back of my mind that I’m actually going to do a couple of projects that are just plain old exactly what I want to do. SALMON was one of those things as was the above mentioned Wall/Paper as well as my acoustic ‘folk’ album E(a)rnest.

Some stuff I intend to do with my site:

 write a bio in the 1st person about this ol’ ‘career’/life of mine to replace the potted history I’ve got up there (could’ve originated with some shit I knocked out some time back…. written hundreds of them – all in the 3rd person)

 Get more merchandise for you to buy, first cab off the rank being the Scientists ‘Rubber Never Sleeps’ LP that BANG! Records have mastered off the old Au Go Go produced cassette from back in the ‘dark eighties’. Also gonna produce some SALMON logo T-Shirts and before long there’ll be stuff on bandcamp and whatever else I can make appear.

I could go on about my intentions and pave my way to hell but I’ll leave you with it for now until my next blog which will probably be about the weekends recording efforts. Till then…….

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