Early work

In 1976, Kim Salmon formed Perth’s first punk band the Cheap Nasties, who later became The Manikins.

Salmon’s work with The Scientists in the 1980s influenced grunge music, which rose to prominence around Seattle, United States, before impacting on popular music in the early 1990s. The Scientists relied on unorthodox bass-heavy rhythms and distorted guitars, the latter being a direct precursor for grunge. The term itself was coined by Salmon in the mid 1980s to describe The Scientists’ sound, as noted in a documentary on Australian music, Long Way to the Top, in 2001.

In 1979, the debut single from The Scientists was released, “Frantic Romantic”, the original line-up was Kim Salmon and Roddy Radalj on guitars and vocals,James Baker on drums and Boris Sujdovic on bass. The band broke up and re-formed, spawning the single, “This Is My Happy Hour” at the end of 1982.

In 1983 they released the mini album Blood Red River which was an influential record of the post-punk era. The following mini-LP, This Heart Doesn’t Run On Blood, included the “A Monster in the Tub” album cover by artist/performer Ewan Cameron who played in Adelaide’s Purple Vulture Shit. It topped the indie charts. The Scientists then toured the UK and Europe playing their amalgamation of blues/punk/noise.

The Scientists went through several incarnations, with Kim remaining a constant member, before the band hung up their boots in late 1987.

The Business/Darling Downs

The first record from his next band, Kim Salmon and the Business, titled Record was released on 25 October 1999, and was Feature Album Of The Week on Triple J. The first single from the album “Saving Me From Me” was released on Monday 20 September 1999. Also included is the track “Caesar’s Lament” and a cover of theDudley Moore tune “Love Me” (from the movie Bedazzled). A second single “Disconnected” was released 13 March 2000 featuring two remixes by Mr Chill, Gary B and Justin Frew.

Some of Salmon’s later work has reflected a quieter style. He released an acoustic solo album, E(a)rnest, in 2002, and commenced a new venture, Darling Downs, with former Died Pretty singer, Ron Peno. Their album, How Can I Forget This Heart of Mine? was released in 2005, followed by “From One to Another” in 2007.

In June 2004, Salmon was inducted into the West Australian Music Industry Association Hall of Fame.


Antenna was a one-off collaboration with Dave Faulkner.


Kim Salmon formed the instrumental group Salmon in 2005. It features Clare Moore and Michael Stranges on drums and Dave Graney, Ash Naylor, Penny Ikinger, Matt Walker and Anton Ruddick on guitar. Kim Salmon plays guitar and a sampler.

The band released the album Rock Formations in May, 2007. The album was released on both on CD as well as limited double LP with only 500 copies pressed. The album is in two parts, the first half is made up of songs recorded at rehearsal, and the second half recorded live at the Metro in Sydney.